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Chicago Divorce Lawyer: Custody, Support, Paternity, & Pre-Marital Agreements

Marilyn Longwell & Associates, P.C. is different from most Family Law firms in that we work in partnership with our clients.
We provide the legal know-how and support to enable clients to reach their desired goals, whether the issue is divorce, custody, support, parentage or something else. We want the results to be tailored to the client's unique situation, not based upon false assumptions or a cookie cutter model.



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Choosing a Lawyer

You are mad. Or shell shocked. Anyway, you're upset and you need a divorce lawyer. Are you in any state to hire a lawyer rationally?  Of course you are!  More...

Divorce Attorney Gavel + RIngs

Divorce, What To Expect

Every marriage is unique, and so is every divorce. For this reason, no easy formula can be applied. Nevertheless, many people have a common set of questions. More...

Divorce Lawyer Couple

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