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Ms. Longwell handled my divorce and custody. She was able to settle the case before trial and got me a fair settlement, which provided for my child and my future. Through her efforts, a business partnership not previously disclosed, was discovered. Ms. Longwell was professional, yet thoughtful and considerate in her dealings with my family. --A.R.

Marilyn was not only thorough and extremely competent in handling my unpleasant divorce case, but she was kind and compassionate to me throughout that very difficult time. The judgment was fair and equitable and I was able to move on without rancor. --C.H.

I met Marilyn several years post-decree after an extremely acrimonious and prolonged divorce lasting more than half a decade. Marilyn was the 4th lawyer I retained during the life of this case and most certainly the last one I hope I'll ever need. In any event she's by far the best divorce lawyer I've ever dealt with.

She is polished, highly experienced and also a very much respected member of Chicago's Legal Community. She's knowledgeable about both the law and it's practical real-life applications and interpretations, in a wide and deep sense regarding family issues in Cook County. She knows a lot more than that too! Her earlier professional background is also not unimpressive, look her up (I did) and you'll see her experience.

She's equally passionate about both the law, and the facts to the best interest of her client, but overall she is concerned about the fairness in which it is applied practically speaking. This is a rare thing to encounter in the legal arena I have found. Fairness is something that she strongly believes in, and I'm glad there are lawyers out there that I can respect for that reason. I'm even happier she's not my adversary. --M.

Marilyn Longwell was supportive, understanding, sensitive, focused, realistic, dedicated and very professional. She helped to guide, direct, channel and looked for a fair an and equitable solution to the divorce. I was extremely appreciative of the tact and skill she demonstrated in achieving resolution to such an emotionally charged life changing event. Without hesitation I would recommend her to any of my friends or acquaintances who needed the services of a proficient lawyer. --S.H.

Ms. Longwell walked me through my divorce with clear verbal and written communication. I appreciated the emotional support that came through during the three-year process.

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