A Real Gem

I had been in a bad divorce for a couple of years before I had the sense to fire my first attorney and hire Ebony’s firm. It was not long before I knew what a resource that I had in her. I rarely felt heard or respected by my other attorney, but when I talk to Ebony, I feel like she understands both the legal and the human sides of my concern. Her facility with the law and her understanding of the psychological tolls of divorce gave her the skills to help guide my case to a successful resolution. I will forever be grateful for her assistance.


Marylin Longwell was supportive, understanding, sensitive, focused,  realistic, dedicated and very professional. She helped to guide, direct, channel and looked for a fair and equitable solution to the divorce. I was extremely appreciative of the tact and skill she demonstrated in achieving resolution to such an emotionally charged life changing event. Without hesitation I would recommend her to any of my friends or acquaintances who needed the services of a proficient lawyer.


Through out the duration of my trial, Mrs. Longwell maintained a professional attitude, very skillful in her application of the law. She not only knew and upheld the laws pertaining to my case, but she maintained the spirit of the law.

What made Mrs. Longwell so different from the other attorneys, she displayed a genuine and warm disposition. All of those qualities played an important part in making our case successful as well as minimizing the sting of such a sensitive case.

Although I will probably spend the rest of my life in her debt, it was truly worth it. She has a wonderful staff that compliments her. Mrs. Longwell helped restored the dignity that had been taken away from me not only as a mother but also a woman. I never really expressed to her the depth of my appreciation. Words cannot express how I truly feel. If you ever have an opportunity to work with Mrs. Longwell, you will also discover a true GEM.



Thoughtful & Intelligent

When Marilyn represented me in my divorce, I really appreciated her careful and thoughtful approach to the specifics of my case. She listened carefully to what I wanted and gave great advice, based both on her understanding of the law, what it would permit and on her assessment of what would be the best possible outcome for me and my child. She was also great at helping me keep my cool during some difficult moments with my spouse, keeping me on track with what was really important to me in the big picture. I would definitely recommend her to anyone.

Very Professional

Marilyn Longwell took my case to completion over custody in a very professional way of handling a case. She never once wanted to use dirty tricks or play games with the other lawyer. And I think that is why I got custody of my daughter. And highly recommend for her for a lawyer.

Excellent Attorney

Marilyn and her team are consummate professionals. Very knowledgeable and experienced in their field which went a long way with my case. I received great advice and even better representation that always had my best interests in mind. I’d highly recommend her and her team if you are going through a divorce or custody battle. She doesn’t employ any dirty tricks and remains level headed even when you might not be. 10/10 would hire her again.

Game Changer

I hired Marilyn after floundering for 2.5 years with another attorney who did not seem to care if I got divorced or not.

After the first meeting with Marilyn I knew she was different. She is intelligent, clever and highly intuitive. The same month that I hired her, my case started to move and my whole life improved. She stood up for me and gave my case direction. Ultimately, my divorce is now coming to a close and I have Marilyn to thank for my piece of mind. The settlement was what I had hoped for from the beginning and I really feel that things would have been very different if I had stuck with my other attorney or hired someone else.

you are reading this and haven’t hired someone else, I envy you. You have the chance to have Marilyn for your whole case. If you are thinking about switching attorneys, trust your gut and meet with Marilyn. The misery that was my divorce does not have to be yours. Hire her.

Helped Through Sticky Custody Case

As soon as I met Marilyn, I knew that I needed to have her as my attorney. Marilyn and Aurelija have represented me the past four years and I am very fortunate that they stayed by my side throughout a sticky case. They were both very knowledgeable, professional, and quick to respond to any question or concern I had. I would definitely hire her again and again!

A Highly Skilled Lawyer

Marilyn Longwell is a trustworthy and highly skilled attorney. She took action to protect me, when it was needed and handled negotiations calmly and wisely. She has an erudite mind and she has very high standards.

Throughout the divorce I learned that I could always contact her with problems and questions and I learned that I could always rely on her judgment. Going through divorce is immensely stressful and knowing that I had Marilyn Longwell standing up for my rights took a lot of the stress out of the situation.

Marilyn is an amazing judge of character and completely knowledgeable in legal proceedings. She is able to work with people sensitively and sensibly and I would recommend her without any hesitation.